An Artist born in the netherlands

During my childhood I’d tried a lot of different styles, from painting, airbrushing to Graffiti. I’ve been developing over the years to I style that is recognizable and my own. During the last year I’ve been experimenting with digital drawing and prints. It really took me a big step forward, a step that I was really searching for the past years.

I began to combine digital drawing with my freehand work, which allowed me to make realistic imagery with the rawness which evolved from conventional graffiti styles. Prints an digital elements introduce an impact element to my work.

I try to add an element of humor or irony to some paintings to add a little light relief to the art. Painting is a form of drowning in thoughts for me and if my work allows the spectator to do the same thing, then I’ve achieved more than I set out to do. My drawing always have a story to them, you can figure it out yourself because everybody has a different story to them, what they see and what they want to see. Mine is the expression of the world’s spectators. Especially animals and it’s part in the world.. or the part that we give animals in this world. My Stories will tell everything that is so awesome in this world to what is so unfair and wrong in this world.

I really feel this is all just the start to an amazing new episode in my art. Really looking forward keep translating my creative thoughts in great prints, Canvasses and definitely some walls!